Designers are the kings of the visual world. Riding the slipstreams of their iMacs they scour their forearms on the tablet until they feel 100% committed to their layout. That much dedication is minimum. Where that dedication and devotion find their best outlet is decided by the talent and focus: Photo shootings, digital campaigns, large web portals, illustrations or complete brand CIs – our project portfolio is diverse.

—Art Direction


Excellent copywriters can’t let go. With persistent meticulousness they keep digging for an inspiration: Ideas are what their dreams are made of. As long as they can fit them into a sentence. Where others merely touch the surface, they think things through to the end, writing from the heart and taking you in with their enthusiasm. Based on their ‘background’ our copywriters work on ideas, campaigns, presentations, movies or digital projects and websites.



Easy to understand, clever in what it does: Our interaction designers happily face this challenge every day. They conceptualize and optimize until they have eliminated the last bit of complexity, and all users know how to find their way around the app. Over half a million users of our last app serve as proof that this much attention to detail is absolutely worth the effort. Yeah!

—Interaction Design


Papercuts, illustrations, hyper realism. Motion Designers are always looking for the next visual style but when it comes to detail and the right timing they stay true to themselves. The result: Sleek 2-D and rich 3-D animations, emotional as well as illustrative films or interactive info graphics for continuously dwindling attention spans. This is where brands become narrators and entertainers.



Being a developer means two things are essential: Timing and concept. To ensure that nothing goes pear-shaped, we rely on tight collaboration and sharp minds in all disciplines from kick-off to the final whistle. When frontend and backend disappear down the sprint-tunnel, our dailies lighten their way right through to the other end. This not only leads to the right results, but also smoothes the journey.



Loads of animations, sounds and special effects: A creative coder for everything that’s fun. For a maximal impression of even the iPhone fraction. Whenever it’s about animations, sounds, and FWA-worthy projects our Interactive Designers grab the right idea from their full bag of tricks. How deeply they needed to dig can be told by their dark circles around the eyes, especially just before launching a project. It’s absolutely mad what’s possible with a little HTML, JavaScript and lots of passion.

—Interactive Development


Uncountable numbers of Post-its cover what used to be a clean desk. Briefings, timings, budgets and resources – all the stuff our account management deals with simultaneously wouldn’t fit inside a minivan. With boundless energy and the right arguments at the right time they keep our projects on track and don’t shy away to get in the ring with the customer – gong!

—Account Management


Ever tried rebooting? Our IT department has a thread of patience as thick as the anchor chain of the Queen Mary. There might even be a chocolate marshmallow as treat for using the ticket system. Those preferring a savory meal are invited to our weekly ‘Brotzeit’ organized by Controlling, HR and Front Office. In addition to fresh rolls they take care of smooth and trouble-free procedures, great new colleagues and cheerfulness at the front line.

—Services & Finance

We believe that - with the right team - we can achieve everything. Together we develop communication solutions for big brands and digital products designed to make life easier. We are 140 specialists and with every single person who joins us we get better. Kununu* recently confirmed how well we’re doing: deepblue networks ranks among the 10 most popular employers in Hamburg.

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